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Who is Mama-Sia?

Mama "Mother" "Sia" means the " first female" in West Africa Thus the first mother (female): "The first mother to provide everything, including your beauty including your health- Therfore "Our first Mother is Earth".

The Mama-Sia principles came into "being "many centuries ago within African society, when mothers and women elders of the community would mentor the young girls on how to become women Beauty secrets amongst others wellbeing techniques were passed down, during a time of pre-woman hood (puberty) In the ancient kingdoms of Ghana, Mali and Songhai ( which included present day Mali, Senegal and Ghana) girls would perform their 'puberty rites' where they would become women through a ceremony. These rites were taught like a study course- the young girls "final exam" was an elegant performance in front of the community- whom having passed their test were welcomed home as women.

It was a time when the young girls were taught how to be 'women' from understanding their role as an important aspect of nature from making local herbal remedies, arts and crafts to beauty products.

Having experienced these beautiful principles first hand ourselves we thought it was only right to share and carry on what we have been taught- as nature intended.








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