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It can be overwhelming looking for skin care products. This applies especially when it relates to your face. 

Every time you visit a beauty shop, whether it being online or in store, we all know that there will be too much to choose from, so the obvious question becomes, of course: how do you decide on which one to go for?

The best place start is by deciding what type of face creams you don’t want!

I guess the obvious would be to opt out of face creams with ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. You will only get the right moisturiser accurate by being well informed. 

Yes, education is key! By reading ingredients you will then understand what the different elements stand for, which isn’t always an easy task.

Unfortunately, nowadays there are more synthetic substances and odd substances in our skin care than we can count. And because the cosmetics industry is creative: it will constantly introduce new substances, new combinations of chemicals and synthetic compounds

So what can you do?

Frankly, avoid widely damaging agents such as parabens, liquid paraffin, petrolatum, paraffin wax and mineral reality, this list should be longer, another obvious alternative is choosing a natural skincare range that is actively and undeniably an active advocate for natural products and its source