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You've probably decided to start using natural skin care, because you're reading this, however, there are three important things to consider before you start to shop for your beauty supplies:

Tip 1: Your first task is to learn how to identify  what is in the ingredients of your products  

I guess this is obvious but in our fast paced society sometimes it’s easy to believe everything you read or do not read, for that matter!

Sometimes companies can “mislead” customers by utilising creative marketing tactics by luring you to believe the entire skin care product is "natural" even if the product itself contains less than 1% natural ingredients. And believe me; this is really common, the companies are aware that all consumers alike are more inclined to buy if the product is of a natural origin.

Tip 2: Determine your skin type!

Most skin care products on the market specialise in dry, normal or oily skin types. This is also true for natural skin care. Since the foundation of natural skin care is often vegetable oils, as the fats are high grade and nutritious. However the various vegetable oils differ in fat - composition and function: fatty oils fit probably better with a dry skin and contrariwise. 

Tip3: The less ingredients – The better your skin will be!

You have most likely have heard of the saying "less is more" the same attitude very much relates to skincare products, the simpler the ingredients the better. It should not be over complicated to create good, high quality products for your skin, Often it is enough with only a few high-quality, natural ingredients such as Shea Butter.