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22 Jul In Natural Skincare


Some of the most common skin problems are dermatitis and psoriasis. Dermatitis covers a range of chronic recurrent inflammatory skin disorders such as eczema.Eczema often leads to dry, itchy skin inflammation and itching wounds. The skin is very sensitive, especially for cosmetics, soaps and rough-cleaning agents.
The permits can range from a few dry, red, itchy patches to huge areas of the body covered with painful, inflammerande, weeping and bleeding skin which can easily become infected.


Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema and is closely linked with asthma and hay fever. Eczema can occur at any age and is often hereditary. Symptoms of atopic eczema is dry, itchy and inflamed skin. If one scratches his constant may involve breaks in the skin and open
wounds that are easily infected.Mites, which are a frequent cause of atopic eczema, is a place where it's warm and humid, such as bedding, mattresses, curtains and carpets. To combat the mites will bedclothes aired frequently and avoid carpets in the bedroom. Use a
strong vacuum cleaner dust and wipe with a damp microfibre cloth.Skin care in atopic eczema• Avoid harsh soaps, shower soaps and shampoo, especially those containing sodium lauryl sulphate. Avoid ingredients paraffin and paraffin wax that prevents the skin to breathe. Products that contain alcohol (ethanol) dries the skin and can provoke pain and itching.
• Use creams with ingredients like hemp seed oil to keep skin soft and supple.The base oils are different and all do not fit your particular skin type.
• Avoid products that contain aggressive preservatives and synthetic fragrances. Even essential oils can be a problem if you suffer from eczema.
• To reduce the itching, you should choose clothing and bedding made of cotton.It is cold skin, allowing it to breathe. Avoid synthetic materials and wool can irritate.
• Use a mild biodegradable detergent and avoid fabric softener.
• Cotton gloves can be helpful to children so that they do not itch holes on the skin during sleep.
• Stress can aggravate eczema, so try to avoid stress and do some relaxation exercises.

Hemp seed oil

80% of hemp seed oil consists of unsaturated fatty acids and it contains the ideal amount of omega-3 and omega-6. It does not clog the skin's surface as those most other oils, it heals skin tissue at depth and prevents the skin loses its moisture. It helps with eczema, acne, psoriasis and minor skin injuries.Diet If you suffer from atopic eczema• It may help to take a supplement of zinc and B vitamin biotin.
• Eat more omega-3 fatty acids.
• Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and make your own juice.
• For adults, a detoxkur be useful.
• Probiotics are especially good against böjveckseksem.
• Take vitamin C to reduce histamine levels. (People suffering from eczema, often produces much histamine.) Avoid dairy products as a rule of thumb.
• Avoid foods that contain wheat and yeast, fried foods, ready meals and refined sugar. Eggs, peanuts, tomatoes and citrus fruits - including orange juice - can also trigger eczema.
• Atopic dermatitis may also occur due to hypersensitivity to food additives
such as salicylic acid, amines (pollution), lactose, gluten, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and sulphites.Contact dermatitis. There are two types of contact eczema: allergic contact dermatitis and irritative contact dermatitis.

Allergic contact dermatitis

This type of eczema usually develops over a long period through regular contact with a substance such as perfume, skin care, makeup or metal alloys containing nickel. The best way to prevent eczema is to identify the cause of the rash and avoid it as triggers.Tips for care of the body - the prevention of nickel allergyIn order to prevent nickel allergy, you can paint the metal surface of the jewelry, watch links and buttons on jeans with a thin layer of clear nail polish.

Irritative contact dermatitis

Contact with substances such as detergents, which can potentially irritate the skin, is the most common cause of this form of eczema that usually affects adults. The best way to prevent it is to completely avoid contact with the problematic topic. Always wear rubber gloves when using chemical cleaners and detergents, or better yet, make your home clean with a microfibre cloth, warm water and mild soap. Then use an organic hand cream to retain the moisture.Seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff, eczema)This can impact both infants and adults. In infants, it is seen most often in skin folds and scalp but can spread to the face and from there to the neck and armpits. Seborrheic dermatitis is not usually sore and itchy. In adults are similar to the high degree scale and can spread out from the scalp to the face where the skin flakes can fall from the eyebrows. This type of eczema is more common among men than women and are often linked to a fungal
infection. Seborrheic dermatitis can usually disappears by itself within a few months, but the natural ointments and bath oils can be beneficial. Products containing hemp seed oil , Shea Butter  and marigolds are ideal.

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