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29 Dec In Natural Skincare

Beauty secrets from around the world

A spicy scrub Indonesia (Java)

The inhabitants of the islands of Java and Bali have given us a natural recipe to tone muscles while softening the skin: it is the Boreh, an exfoliating paste for body-based coarse salt, spices and herbs aromatics. Real pleasure, this natural scrub is also used to warm the body during the rainy season and improve blood circulation.
In the fertile plains of Java, the Indonesian people wrap themselves in a scrub with spices and herbs, both relaxing and warming.

Recipe scrub with spices and herbs
Ingredients: 1 handful of coarse salt, 1 small nutmeg powder, ground almonds, 1 drop of essential oil of patchouli, a few cloves crushed.
Preparation: Mix the ingredients in a bowl until a paste.
Application: Apply the paste in a circular motion all over the body. Let it dry so that the aromatic concentrate can warm and relax the muscles. Rinse thoroughly in the shower.
Frequency: 1 time per week.

A gentle Israeli ritual

Israel is not only famous for its historical buildings and monuments. Centuries of beauty secrets are still being practiced by the people. They easily get away with tough winter conditions by simply making a honey and yogurt mixture. The application of the yogurt and honey mixture gives a tender hydration. The mixtures rich vitamin and mineral content, makes it ideal for soothing and softening the skin. This combination contains milk rich in calcium and fatty acids, for a secured and nourished skin. It's reasonable and has numerous benefits; it's the best solution for harsh weather conditions.

Yogurt and honey facial recipe
Ingredients: 2 tablespoons yogurt and 1 tablespoons honey
Preparation: Mix the ingredients
Application: Apply to face, avoid the eye leave it on for about an hour. Wash with water in a circular motion.
Frequency: 1 time per week
Mama-Sia tips –For a soothing skin and smell, finish by passing a swab of our various oils and facial butters.

Beauty secrets of the Japanese women

The women here are graceful, not only because they are in the island of the rising sun. The most clean and exquisite of them are the Geishas; they are very cultured and in tune with most of the beauty secrets in their region. They always make use of everything that nature bestows on them.
Rice flour is very vital in their beauty routines; they use it for a fresh and radiant complexion. It's known for years for its great qualities. It absorbs and its gives good results to oily skin. The Japanese have a mixture of milk and rice flour resulting in a fresh porcelain look.

Rice recipe for dry skin care
Ingredients: 1 cup white rice, 1 cup sweet almond oil, mineral water.
Preparation: soak the same amount of a glass of white rice in mineral water, and then let it dry in the sun if possible. When crushed, mix the grains in 1 cup of sweet almond oil.
Application: Apply circularly on the face to allow the rice to exfoliate while the oil moisturizes the skin.
Frequency: 1 time per week.
Green tea is commonly drunk in Asia for its draining and antioxidant effects. For its anti-aging properties, the tea contains polyphenols which is much appreciated. For the elimination of toxins resulting in dull complexion. The Japanese drink three cups of green tea daily. Do not worry about dark circles and fatigue, the use of green tea will help combat them too!


Beauty secrets of the Mediterranean women

It's no secret in the South that their women depend on the earth for most of their beauty needs. They rely on [sun-drenched soils] for best skin care offers. Intoxicating and relaxing scents like that of olive oil, lemon, lavender and honey are contained in most of their frangrances.They use them for producing different types of body, face and hair care products.
The French people source most of their items for producing their cosmetics from the Province. There are lots of plants with healing effects there. The women in the Mediterranean know how to utilize their natural treasures. Their silky smooth skin makes them comfortable and confident all the time. Honey is very important to them, its attractive scent is what makes it ideal for them when they consider natural items for their beauty needs, and Honey is used for scrubs and as an exfoliator to remove blemishes and dead skin cells.
Also common and in vogue are grape seeds. Its anti-aging properties make them ideal for use in cosmetics; they bring back the protective layer of the epidermis and gets rid of free radicals. These are what are responsible for increasing rapid aging resulting from the increasing aging of the skin. Women over the years have used grape seed as softeners and exfoliators. They have also used it as anti-free radicals and antioxidants. They are refreshing and good to use, they have become very popular lately.
Various companies in France are trying to associate the desire of beauty needs with health. Seaweeds are a source of therapy, dietary and have cosmetic benefits. The weeds are mostly found on the Atlantic coast and are particularly rich in minerals.

Seaweed Face Mask
Application: Apply a thin layer on the face, once per week. Leave on for 10 minutes.
Ingredients: 300 grams of fresh seaweeds.1 tablespoons of Mama Sia's Baobab Oil
Preparation: Mix the seaweeds and add Mama Sia Baobab Oil.

Egyptian Women and Their Beauty Secrets

The use of makeup and kohl by the Egyptian women dates back to 400 years ago.
The secret to their shiny black hair and silky skin is mainly due to most of their vast beauty secrets such as the steam bath, the scent of wonderful eucalyptus, and the henna used on their hair for centuries.
Not only do the Egyptian women use the henna for colouring their hair; they also use it for its sebum that aids in regulating action on their delicate scalps and make it lustrous and strong. For darker and shimmering bronze hair they use it as well.
The majority of the women in this region make use of all the natural things nature bestows upon them to look and feel good.
They have lots of beauty rituals. The women use the salt of the Dead Sea mostly for its anti-stress effects. For a therapeutic evening bath, they use a handful of salt for their relaxing pleasure and also to relax and ease their muscles.
The soil in this region is rich and has lots of health benefits; these women do know how to really make themselves look good inside out. They use natural cleansing soaps, scrubs, and facial masks. These items are helpful as they cleanse and nourish the skin. Beauty is not just a dream; it's attainable for these women. A conscious effort and dedicated beauty rituals that makes every woman feel like a queen.

Mexican gourmet massage

Over the years the Mexicans have taught us that chocolate can be useful in the beauty and cosmetic industry. They have a wonderful tradition of using chocolate in most of their beauty routines. Their chocolate treatment ointment was once part of Incas; it served as their natural sunscreen. Cocoa is now available in massage scrub or milk. Its rich phospholipids allow the skin to be hydrated and soft all the time. Chocolates natural anti-wrinkle and UV effective protective qualities, makes it ideal for a soothing beauty treatment.
Chocolate Care [Mexico]
Cocoa was vital in the daily routines of the Maya civilization, Inca Aztec and today in Mexico too. Making the skin soft and silky is now the order of the day for both young and old ladies. You don't have to worry about free radicals responsible for cell aging, chocolates rich polyphenol properties which also contains protein and tightening effects will help combat that.

Chocolate treatment recipe
Ingredients:25 ounces of orange flower water,3 plates of dark chocolate 95% cocoa.
Preparation: Melt the chocolate bars in a saucepan. Slowly pour the 25 ounces of orange blossom water to the mix.
Application: Take a broad body brush and spread the chocolate mixture with the brush over the entire skin. Let it set for 25 minutes before washing.
Frequency-1 time per month.

Papaya exfoliation in Vietnam

You probably already use Papaya in your fruit salads, but did you know that papaya also possessed excellent qualities for your skin? In Vietnam, women use this fruit as it is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin A to revive the lustre of their complexion!
The mixed pulp of papaya is decorated with a hint of turmeric and egg white before being applied to the face mask. The skin is hydrated, soothed and has more anti-aging virtues of this tasty fruit.
Widely used in traditional Asian medicine, papaya is at the heart of beauty rituals of Vietnamese.
Its acid-rich fruit contains vitamin A and minerals which combats against cellular aging, soothes and rehydrates the skin.

Papaya exfoliation Recipe
Ingredients: 2 ripe organic papaya, 1 teaspoon turmeric, 1 egg white.
Preparation: Peel the papaya, remove the seeds and place the pulp in a blender. Use 1/3 of the mixture to the face and 2/3 for the body.
Application: Apply evenly, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing with cool water.
Frequency: 1 time per week.
Tips: For the face, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric to cleanse the skin or 1 egg white to smooth lines.

The beauty secrets of African women – Shea butter

Although the continent is vast and climate characteristics differ from one region to another, from one country to another, African women are lulled by the sun. Star benefactor, but also aggressor, women have learned to protect their skin from its effects. Their greatest asset is undoubtedly the Shea butter. Its success stretches beyond the borders of Africa where it originates. Used for millennia, its virtues are well known. It is even said that Nefertiti was pulling her great beauty of using this product with healing properties.
Today, Shea butter is used around the world. Rich in essential fatty acids, this is the preferred partner of dry skin. It nourishes, softens and repairs them.
When you look at the ingredients in a skin care regimen you should always pick products that are made with Shea Butter. Since it is an effective moisturizer, Shea Butter is used in many products that treat skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. In a pinch, Shea Butter can also be used to relieve bruising and soreness in the skin. Due to its versatility, Shea Butter is used in a wide range of skin care products.

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