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29 Dec In Natural Skincare

Morning beauty routines for the busy mum.


It’s so much easier to get the kids ready for school in the morning when they have a routine. Well, the same holds true for you, Mum. Establishing a fast beauty routine will help you feel more put together, and will make your mornings run much more smoothly. Check out these morning beauty routines that work and feel very fulfilled after all the hustle and bustle of the day.


Do as much as possible the night before

Stress isn't pretty, and you surely don't want to start the day with an anxious look on your face. From showering to picking out clothes, the more you have done when you go to bed, the less you have to worry about in the morning. "I always glance at my calendar right after dinner. That way I know exactly what I'm facing when I open my eyes the next morning.

Hydrate yourself for energy and beauty

Drink lots of water. Keep a glass of water on your bedside table and drink it before your feet hit the floor in the morning. You'll feel clear-headed and energetic -- and it's great for your complexion, too.

Schedule some alone time

As much as you want that last 15-minutes of sleep, you may find that getting a jump-start ahead of the rest of the family helps tremendously. Use the 15 minutes in whatever way you like: to pray or meditate, to check your e-mail, to do your hair and make-up. It's your time.

Wash you face

Wash your face with a washcloth to remove sleep debris and follow with a long lasting moisturiser.

Applying Make-up

Keeping your make-up simple! This means you'll have time to do it right every morning.
Make up tips! Apply eyeliner, curl lashes and add lengthening mascara.
Brush blush powder or bronzer on cheeks, eyelids and throat.
Add lip colour, and you're done!



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