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08 Apr In Natural Skincare

The Secrets of youth and beauty

Being a natural beauty takes little time and effort, especially if you already have a regular skin care regime. Many have converted to natural skincare, just by trying one product or another and have seen the amazing benefits and results of including plant extracts and essential oils. Natural clays and salts can also be used and can have a drastic and soothing effect. Having a holistic approach to beauty requires that you pamper yourself physically and emotionally.

To obtain good health, one should have a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, exercise and have a good night’s sleep. Emotional wellbeing is also mandatory as it requires feeling good about yourself and being happy. True happiness gives a glow and inner radiance. Simple tips such as smiling often, loving your family and valuing your friends can make a major difference. Meditation and yoga also help as they both help to restore physical and emotional balance. Things like anger, stress and depression are negative emotions and can affect the way that you look. Meditation can be used to release such negative emotions and release peace. On the other hand yoga helps to correct and imbalances and should be done both day and night.

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