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22 Jul

Essential oils contain the concentrated "essence" of a plant - its active mode of substance, their healing properties, and energy and fragrance. The oils extracted from flowers, leaves, fruits, shells, seeds, bark or roots. Most are produced by steam distillation, most easily by pressing or extraction. There are hundreds of different essential oils which all have their unique properties and characters.
Essential oils are highly concentrated - it uses 2000 roses to produce one bottle of 10 ml of rose oil - so the oils are hefty, is normally between 10-20 drops enough to 100 ml cream. They evaporate easily but are also easily absorbed by skin. Many skin care products contain essential oils that are formulated in terms of their healing properties, not just for their scent.

22 Jul

In the 1990s, professional and health inspection in the United States, conducted a study of nearly 3,000 of the most common chemicals contained in personal skin care. The result was that it was concluded that more than 30% were directly toxic to humans.
Many researches try to show that there is so little of the dangerous substance in a product so that the toxicity is negligible, but if you look at the size of consumption, you become concerned about the seriousness of the research and holistic approach.

Many ingredients are classified as hazardous, even very dangerous if you assume the rules for safety that states"must not be handled without protective clothing, gloves, respirators, etc."
These raw materials are abundantly available in skin products and articles intended to span from newborn babies to age-related skin problems.
Today we know that the body is affected not only by what we ingest through diet or through the air we breathe. We know that the skin is eating and breathing. Whatever we eat through our skin gets absorbed by the body.
To illustrate this further in the medical or pharmaceutical industry there are variouse products from nicotine patch, anesthetics and pain medication that can be applied by patches, ointments and gels and that the body absorbs.

22 Jul

Now is a great time to get those fresh fabrics out, put away those woollies and now go on put those new blooms in the window!

At Mama –Sia we have been equally busy...developing our traditional African (By Hand, may I add) products with a modern twist with a slight British accent ;-)

So our cosmopolitan approach was clearly translated earlier this month when we took part in the WOW festival at the Southbank.

Loads of women (and Men!) came out to support their fellow sisters, in regards to real issue that celebrate, effect and empower women.

20 Jul

African Shea Butter is one of the most potent natural skin conditioners in the world. Many products now showing up have been diluted with other Sustances.There is no substitute for pure and natural Shea Butter from Africa. Mama-Sia assures that we sell very high quality Shea Butter so our customers get the best benefits Shea Butter has to offer whether your needs are for beauty purposes or medicinal.

20 Jul

Reducing clotting great for treating chilblains and can be used in food and aid in supporting your circulatory system. Utilise natural healing qualities of herbs, spices and fresh fruit to fight coughs, sneezes and sniffles. Sometimes going back to nature is the best remedy for combating colds.

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