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Our Moringa is grown on our family farm in Senegal and Ghana its luscious leaves have been a source of nourishment for those that encounter its beneficial benefits, considered as one of nature's most nutritional plants on the planet

Moringa has over 80 nutrients: including A, E and F not to mention it being naturally high in vitamin C which means is great for the immune system
Used throughout Asia and Africa to treat Malnutrition and other disorders Moringa has increasingly become a sought after ingredient in people diets.
Our Moringa comes in a variety of forms, leaf (tea) oil and seeds

The oil makes a magnificent beauty treatment ideal for massage or even as facial cleansing oil. It is also excellent as a hair conditioner and some use it in their foods.
We offer Moringa seeds- grown on our family farm in Senegal.

Please note: Moringa should not be used as an alternative to your medication; if you are unwell you should seek medical advice








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