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Fresh Fancy Feet

Stepping into spring so fresh and so clean…

As spring starts to gain momentum and as we venture out more, we thought it would be a great idea to encourage you and your loved ones to try something new. We’re putting the centre stage on feet, often neglected, we’ll bringing you a simple shoe fresher for the soles of your feet and those running shoes.
Our feet take on a lot, our weight, transfer us from one place to another, not to mention help us dance or (attempt to). As the days are brighter and that sweet summer is slowly creeping around the corner, those running shoes will be used more often.
The key word, deodorising.
Add some freshness to those running shoes and eliminate those sweaty odours, instead, replace it with pleasant- oh yes yes odours!
Keep those feet smelling as sweet as spring in no time.


Here’s our solution for you.

A very simple shoe freshener recipe:


10x Drops of cypress oil
12x Drops of peppermint Oil
8 x Drops of lemon Balm oil
100g x Baking Soda

Next Steps…

Combine the ingredients, let the mixture rest for a few days in a bowl, cover with some aluminium foil.
The last golden step? Add to those trainers.

                                                                 Love your feet X



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