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The Shea nut has been used in many parts of Africa since ancient times.

It has been said, that one of the most recorded Queen’s in history – Nefertiti, was noted for her beauty.This was partly due to her skin and hair, as she was an avid user of Shea Butter. The fat extracted from the nuts contains a composition of vitamins and minerals, which have extraordinary restorative powers and nourishment for the skin and hair.

The Shea tree can live up to 300 years and takes around 30 years for the plants to bare ripened fruit. The fruit are harvested around the rainy season in June. The kernel contains 50% of fat that is extracted and provides a natural butter, which retains all its natural properties.

Shea Butter is high in vitamin E in comparison to most other vegetable fats and oils. It has a soothing effect, anti-drying and protective elements within its core foundation.

Shea nuts, in principle, have helped many African people for centuries and most recently many around the world, to access the moisturising benefits necessary for healthy skin and hair.


In African countries, the karite fruit (the Shea Butter fruit) is eaten and the oil is used in cooking, as well as a beauty aid. Mothers often massage their babies with Shea butter to help cure irritated skin and rashes.

Shea Butter has been widely used around the world to help assist the skin for various reasons including protecting the skin during harsh weather conditions such as the dry seasons where high winds occur. In the summer months it can be used as a natural sunscreen. If you mix Shea Butter with your regular sunscreen, it acts as a great tanning aid and you will be guaranteed to get an even tan, as well as skin that is not likely to peel. 

This natural source of vitamin E is very versatile and can be used as a relaxing aid, which can be done by simply adding a spoon of Shea Butter into a warm bath or used as a massage balm to ease aches and pains that occur within the body tissue. 


Shea Butter aims to rehydrate the skin regularly, and helps decrease the appearance of wrinkles, deep lines and tired skin. The Shea nut contains phytosterols or fatty acids which are the true properties that promote cellular renewal and the relaxation of the second layer of the skin (dermis).

It is particularly beneficial for athletes, as an excellent massage aid. It can be applied before or after playing sports as its helpful for recovering, improving drainage and removing toxins from strained muscles.

Shea Butter is a beautiful natural resource that is revisiting its glorious past once again, through the copious amounts of world-wide users and advocates.