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Set the mood right for the month and beyond!

With February being the annual season of love, at MamaSia we wish to recommend a few suggestions for you and your loved one, to help you both to set the mood right for the month and beyond!

Have a stress free start to February with love!

You can help each other, by getting in the right frame of mind.

This can be done by getting up early and going for a run together, or if that’s a bit too strenuous, a brisk walk will do.

Or if getting up is a problem then start the day with a healthy bowl of strawberries to share, as they haven’t been touted as the fruits of love for nothing. But not only do they taste good, they provide a unique combination of essential nutrients, which are great for your brain function, as well as your skin and overall wellbeing.

Love is the Air

Love can be expressed in various ways, especially when it comes to that special person in your life.

You can do the tried and tested, whether that be watching a favourite movie together, or visiting a much-loved restaurant, or you can do something unique for your loved one by really taking to time to plan an unexpected experience based on their likes and passions – think outside the box! 

However, if you want to try something more simple but effective and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression read on for the following instructions...

Get in the Mood for love

The focus of loving your partner should always be from the point of self-care, meaning that you should always treat your lover as you would like to be treated, with some TLC! One way to do this is by setting the mood…

No one can deny the joy of having a soak in the bath, and for those of you looking for something special, why not add some bath salts to loosen up those aching muscles and MamaSia’s Black Soap shower gel to provide the cleansing and toning benefits for the skin.

Once this is done add some rose petals, their scent alone will uplift the mood, not to mention the antioxidant properties found in them, which are excellent for tired skin.

Last but not least…..

Add those few extra treats to this romantic ritual, so that your love really feels the love. Light candles, get some fluffy towels ready and play that playlist you bring out on those “special” occasions and whilst in this perfect setting use it as an opportunity to share and appreciate the love between you both.

After bath time, initiate giving your partner a massage, use MamaSia’s Amethyst Shea butter, which is infused with lavender oil, ideal for relaxing the body, oh and did we forget to mention that it’s a natural aphrodisiac too! So make sure you butter your loved one up, we are sure they will appreciate it and have that memory with them for a long while.