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It’s Ladies Month!

With International Women’s day on 8th March and Mother’s day on the 31st we are focusing on the Women this month. As women, whatever stage we are at in life, we all fear the aging process, so instead to fearing it lets tackle it.

The secret to natural anti wrinkle care: Understanding skin aging

Like all the organs in your body, your skin is subject to the effects of time and influenced by the way you take care of her throughout your life. So choosing natural anti wrinkle cosmetic care is the best option, to not only prevent, but to act on the wrinkles already present.

Aging is a natural process and the skin goes through several stages:

  • Dehydration and drying of the skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Slackening and loss of tone
  • Deeper wrinkles

Let's start by understanding the mechanism of aging before discussing what the appropriate "natural anti wrinkle" cosmetic treatments are. Many factors lead to the alteration of the mechanisms of repair and functional cell maintenance:

  • Individuals : Genetics, hormones ...
  • Environmental : Sun, pollution ...
  • Personal : Tobacco, stress, alcohol, food ...

Your skin is an organ in constant renewal. Everyday skin cells die and renew themselves. Normally, renewal is done every 28 days. As the skin ages, it slows down and can go on for more than 30 days. So the accumulation of older cells gives a sensation of blurred complexion, thickened skin, dehydration and drying of the skin. If these phenomena are not corrected, wrinkles can more easily leave their mark, knowing that the skin tends to thin as you get older.

You can compare your skin to that of an apple. Skin that ages without hydration wilts. So what can we do?

First anti-wrinkle natural reflex:

  • drink 1.5L of water a day
  • enrich your balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids (rapeseed oils, walnuts, flax, cold sea fatty fish, walnuts, hazelnuts ...)

Second anti-wrinkle natural reflex: adopt an exclusively natural cosmetic treatment routine:

  • Avoid dehydration : Oils of Borage, Evening Primrose, Sea Buckthorn, Tamanu, Avocado, Desert date and Moringa.
  • Prevent oxidation with antioxidant vegetable oils : Argan, Apricot, Rosehip, Grape seed, Macadamia, Raspberry, Pomegranate seed, Sea buckthorn oil, Hemp and Moringa Oil
  • To tone and firm up your skin: Pumpkin seeds, hemp and Hibiscus oil
  • Rejuvenate damaged cells with Baobab oil

Individual factors of aging

We all have different genetic backgrounds.

Our chromosomes get shorter with each cell division and if they become too short, the cells stop dividing leaving them unable to renew themselves. This causes our cells to age.

Our genetics will also condition our ability to resist oxidative stress (= attack of free radicals).

Our hormones also have an important role in the growth and renewal of keratinocytes (cutaneous cells) as well as fibroblasts, which condition:

  • tonicity
  • the renewal of the support tissue = dermis

It must be realized that these personal factors are part of everyone, the goal being not to make matters worse with external factors. Role of the environment

Some factors such as stress and tobacco can accelerate this phenomenon indirectly.

You may have noticed that your skin was more noticeable when you were in an unfavourable environment:

  • too much sun
  • too much stress
  • tobacco, alcohol
  • diet too rich, too sweet, too salty
  • no or little physical exercise

The role of the environment is almost as important as that of physiology in the aging process. In recent years, specialists have realized that an unfavourable environment (sun, tobacco, stress ...) could change the genetic capital of skin cells, making them less effective in their multiplication and more fragile. To age well, it is therefore essential to avoid as much as possible these environmental factors, especially the sun, tobacco, pollution, while ensuring a balanced diet and more generally a healthy life as well as using natural anti -aging products , like Shea Butter solutions to slow down the process.