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Combating Stress In Your Working Day


How do we beat the dreaded S word? Well we have some tips that can help you beat it… … And it all starts with “Planning Your Time”! Plan your time and don’t rush things, we know that can be hard for some, however forward thinking helps and will guarantee that you can relax.

Have A stress Free Start to The Day

Ensure you start the day in the right frame of mind, wake up and give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Running for the bus at the last minute, trying to fix our make-up en route and arriving 30 seconds before that vital meeting starts, are all sure-fire ways to begin the day feeling flustered.

Keeping your tasks in perspective

Break your day into a series of manageable tasks. Instead of thinking of the day as a whole, look at it as separate tasks and place them in order of importance. If you complete most of them, not having time to complete the them all, it probably won't matter as much and will be worth celebrating regardless.

Be honest about your capabilities

This means saying "no", being able to assert yourself and not being afraid to ask for help when you need it. Your colleagues, friends and family may not realise how much work you have - if you really don’t have time to take on another task, they will understand. Don’t be afraid to delegate if you don’t have time to deal with everything yourself.

Break Time is Important Too

Having a proper lunch break- away from your desk and eating healthy food rather than junk snacks will help to keep your stress levels down. Also, taking a break allows you to step back from any problems and will perhaps enable you to have clarity and see a new way of dealing with them.

Accepting accountability

Take responsibility for your errors and admit to them as soon as they occur. There's nothing more stressful than pondering about when your boss is going to find out about your slip up. Being honest about it will go a long way to making amends and make you feel better.

Tidy your desk!

At the end of each day, take a few minutes to tidy your desk. That way you’ll know exactly where everything is in the morning and won't waste time trying to remember where you left that important document!

Take credit when it's due

It’s your birth right to feel happy and proud of yourself and often people don’t take the time to feel pride and pleasure in their own achievements. Tell your colleagues when you’re proud of yourself, and invite them out to celebrate!