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How Do People from Mozambique acquire such soft skin?

The women of Mozambique, practice something very similar to us, they practice the oral tradition of passing on information, such as beauty secrets down through the generations. Massage is a key beauty ritual amongst African nations; so just for you we would like to share a massage balm recipe from the Southern African country.

The Mozambicans use various natural ingredients to achieve a very unique body balm, guaranteed to make the skin feel hydrated, soft and subtle.


  • 3x drops of argan oil,
  • 4x drops of jojoba oil,
  • 2x drops of coconut oil,
  • 3x drops of evening primrose oil,
  • 2x drops of rose hip oil,
  • 4x drops of avocado oil
  • 2x drops of macadamia oil
  • A pinch of jojoba seeds
  • A pinch of safflower nuts
  • 30 grams of MamaSia’s Shea Wonder body and hair butter
  • Pinch of coffee extract
  • A pinch of African peach kernel powder,
  • 3x drops of grape seed oil

Preparation: Thoroughly grind and knead the ingredients until a smooth texture is achieved.

Application: Apply to the desired areas during your massage. Very nourishing, a small amount of this balm is enough to hydrate perfectly, enjoy your glow-up Mozambican style!