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Facial Mask

If you are really pushed for time to make a face mask just use pure honey, which is good for all skin types. After cleansing as normal, smear honey on your face and leave for about 15 minutes. This will thoroughly cleanse and soften your skin as well as tackling any potential blemishes due to the honey's antibacterial properties. In recent years, a 'super' honey has grown in popularity- manuka honey, which is harvested from the manuka plant in New Zealand. The active varieties of manuka honey have particularly powerful antibacterial, and antifungal, qualities and are very effective against skin infections. Use three times a week to clear up breakouts.

Honey is antiseptic, cleansing, nourishing and also moisturizing, making it a very versatile mask.


For their ability to rejuvenate the skin such as frankincense, rose and palmarosa can be added. Masks that also tighten pores and tone the skin are helpful and surprisingly easy to make. Use herbs and essential oils that have astringent properties.

Soothing masks

Sensitive skin needs a delicate touch as it is prone to allergic reactions, flaking, redness and itchiness. Soothing ingredients like honey, oats and calendula-infused oil are good to use as a base along with herbs like chamomile and rose. And lucky combination skins can take their pick, applying masks suitable for oily skins to shiny T-zones and those designed for dry or normal-balanced skin to the rest of the face. If you have combination skin, you could apply an astringent deep cleansing mask to just your T-zone.