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Shea Butter Featured

Wonder what all the fuss is about? What is in this Shea Butter? Well in a way it is through Nature’s loving hands that takes over 30 years for the Karite tree to bear ripened nuts/fruits. The Shea Butter is the oil and the offspring from these wonderful wise trees. Ever wondered what exactly goes into your cosmetics? I’m sure it has crossed your mind with so many things in the market place one is either spoilt for choice or simply confused. There are many chemicals in cosmetics nowadays all companies have to have is “some of the natural ingredients” listed in the product description in order for it to qualify as the real McCoy and can get away with doing so because of relaxed legislation . Apart from water or Aqua what really is going into your product if it doesn’t fall from a tree? or planted in the ground? Or found in natures seas?

Harmful chemicals in skin care products

A lot of well known brands and companies including the health conscious ones, produce and stock products that can contain hash chemicals like sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate. Commonly found in soaps or bubble baths- and some cleaning products which can be very harmful if you have sensitive skin. So the next time you go shopping for a beauty product check the label like you would do when eating. Remember you are what you eat – and that includes your skin! Your skins “mouth” is represented by the pours on the first layer of your skin- the Epidermis so when your are moisturising your skin remember that your skin is actually “eating”

Many companies claim to sell pure Shea Butter but only a few can confirm it, people are better off going with a recommended or well researched source. Well I think we all have the answer if we tap deep inside of selves. Clearly it should be an inherit instinct to do so by giving our bodies what is right and what it would naturally want.

Shea Butter benefits

Shea Butter has a great many uses from, being an excellent moisturiser for the skin, to assisting with various unpleasant skin condition ranging from being a natural sunscreen block , acne , razor bumps and eczema. Your skin will appear supple and sun kissed, with added benefits from it's natural make up of vitamins and minerals. Apart from Shea Butter easily been able to glide across your skin, many people in Africa use it in dishes- just as Olive oil is used in our food or as part of a beauty regime so too can the butter of the Shea nut be used in the same way.

Traditionally none of the Shea Butter extract should go to waste people use residue for plastering and tilling roofs as the excess serves as a great ventilator during the summer and insulating filter during the hammer-tan season.