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Black Soap Featured

Black Soap, also known as African Black Soap (Anago Soap, Alata Simena,or Ose Dudu), has been used for millenniums mainly for its healing properties. Because of it’s high shea butter content, it easily guards against dehydration and other skin conditions whilst moisturizing skin more than most other soaps. It is often used to heal problem prone skin, from razor bumps, eczema, uneven skin tones and acne. The soap is very versatile as it has many uses; it can be used on the entire body or hair.

The benefits of Black Soap

It is great for all skin types- oily skin, dry skin, combination/ normal as well as being a natural body odoriser . Many people love using it as part of their skin and hair care regime. Made from our very own farmed plantain, (husk- ash) Shea Butter tree bark, Cocoa butter oil palm kennel oil and Coco Butter pods which are first sun dried and roasted and a even and constant temperature blended together with water - resulting in the black soaps unique brown to white orientation and unique scent which ensuring the moisturising and therapeutic benefits. The soap gives your skin a wakeup call instantly- Many have automatically notice or felt the difference from their first trial, a hidden secret worth sharing.