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At MamaSia we believe that going back to nature is the best remedy for combating colds and flu.

The key is to prevent illness before it arises, by taking the correct steps to ensure good health and a strong immune system.  We all know that prevention is better than cure! 

So, if you have a healthy diet incorporated into your lifestyle that is a great start.

Vitamin C can be a great source of nutrition to boost the immune system. Foods such as kale, broccoli, cauliflower, kiwi and mango  can be delicious remedies for your health. Citrus fruits such as grapefruit, limes and oranges  are natural antiseptic and refreshing sources of nutrition, inhaling their essential oils or eating the fruit can boost vitamin C properties

Moringa is a MamaSia fave and we believe this is natures multivitamin. High in Vitamin A, B, C,  E, K, high in amino acids and antioxidants, plus an excellent source of calcium, protein, iron and potassium, this superfood will fight off a cold or flu in no time. We recommend boiling the Moringa leaves in water for a minimum of 10 mins, then you can either strain it or for a stronger impact, drink it as is, leaves and all. We actually recommend drinking Moringa tea daily for a natural boost to your immune system which will help to prevent you from catching cold and flu viruses.

Echinacea is a also a great immune system boost. Drinking a cup of Echinacea tea during the onset of winter can help prevent a cold. 

Eucalyptus  has antiseptic qualities that are great for respiratory tract infections, as it soothes inflammation and cleanses the sinuses. It makes an excellent steam inhalation for congestion problems. 

Rosemary  is a great herb or oil for headaches and sore throats. Brewing up some rosemary tea by adding fresh rosemary to boiling water can relieve symptoms. 

MamaSia Recipe

There is nothing worse than buying product over the counter at the pharmacy that either makes you feel worse before you get better or does nothing at all. So we would like to refer to you a tried and tested cough syrup that also doubles up as an everyday tonic for preventative measures: 


  • Sliced organic lemons
  • Sliced garlic
  • Sliced ginger
  • Sliced turmeric
  • Natural raw organic honey


Place one layer of lemon(with the rind), garlic, ginger , turmeric and honey in a glass jar and repeat until the jar is full. Then pour the rest of the honey into the jar until the jar is completely filled with the honey.

Allow to set in the fridge overnight, the next day you will notice that it all melts together to form a thick syrup.

Take 20ml spoonful three times in the day to treat the cough or add a teaspoon to water or herbal tea once a day for an everyday tonic.


Drink fluids more regularly: When you cough and sneeze you lose fluids, therefore you need to keep hydrated by taking in more liquids throughout the day, especially if you are suffering from a fever. Hot water infused with things like honey, lemon and ginger is a great way to hydrate yourself, whilst getting the added benefits of the extra ingredients.

Increase your Vitamin intake: You can gain extra nutrition through fruits and their juices or our wonderful Moringa products, which can be refreshing and thirst-quenching whilst boosting your system with the necessary vitamins. 

Rest and more rest! It’s very important to give your body a break and allow your body to relax and recuperate. Lack of sleep can prolong a cold, so it’s advised that you make sure that you have had enough sleep, as sleeping has been proved to increase the body’s functions during a cold.