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It’s Spring - The Detox Season!

Healthy eating is not just a trend it’s a lifestyle and an experience. The environment, isn’t the only place where you find pollution; Any of these sound familiar? Preservatives, flavour enhancers, not to mention salt and sugar; The wrong foods can cause our organs to accumulate toxins, which can often leave us feeling weak and sluggish.

Detoxing is a good way of getting rid of any pollutants and Spring is the ideal time to free our body of stored metabolic waste and recharge our battery cells.

On to the internal Spring clean!

Where did the detox concept comes from?

The detox model is originally from the U.S. It encourages more vitality and promotes wellbeing, through the path of healthy nutrition. A detox should be repeated at regular intervals: 3, 5 or at most 14 days are recommended by health experts to make us feel healthy. However even a weekly detoxification makes sense, to regularly give the body the opportunity for regeneration.

So how does it work: the classical way

The "cleaning agents" - fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, oatmeal, whole grains, legumes and soy in combination with water, herbal or ginger tea - act like “cleaners” by stimulating the metabolism and releasing harmful substances. Therefore you're filling up with plenty of “natural” vitamins, minerals and fibres, but of course fruits, cereals and vegetables from organic farming are the best! If you completely remove alcohol, nicotine, coffee, black tea, eggs and meat from your diet, the body can concentrate completely on the removal of the stored toxins.

Juicing: great cleaning for the advanced

A juicing detox can be effective if you can do without solid foods. Consuming only liquids, smoothies or soups can help because, the reality is in everyday life, we use 60 percent of our energy for digestion!


Blend 1/2 celery root, 3 carrots and 1 large beetroot, in a juicer and drink!

Carrot juice: Promotes digestion and encourages cell renewal through its high vitamin A content.
Beetroot: Supports liver and bile in large intestine.
Celery: Is a diuretic so helps urine production, cleans out the kidneys and reduces bloating. It is high in potassium and Vitamin C & K 

Other Tips to Remember During a Detox:

Be conscious of how you are chewing your food, slow and steady: Why?
Our food can be digested more easily and we automatically feel more energetic:
As a bonus our bodies feel more satisfied as a message is sent to the brain suggesting that we have had enough eat. Eating fast cause bloating and indigestion.

Massages:  using natural fats like Shea Butter whilst incorporating massage techniques not only provides relaxation - it also moves the lymphatic circuit and helps to release toxins from the body.

Moringa is a true metabolism booster: The B vitamins in the leaves aid digestion and help the body to burn more calories. The 80+ nutrients can help lower blood sugar levels by stopping sugars from being turned into new fat cell. It also contains detoxifying alginic acid. 

Craving something sweeter? Then a spoonful of Baobab is the right alternative to sugar. Just as delicious, but thanks to it containing multiple minerals and naturally occurring fibres, it’s a real all-rounder in terms of promoting a healthy lifestyle.