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Shea butter Balls (Egypt)

Did you know that shea butter is multi-functional and can be used as part of your beauty regime? In fact ancient royals had an affinity with our beloved butter too.

Queen Nefertiti of Egypt who was noted for her beauty, used Shea Butter as part of her skincare routine. We are sure she benefited from the rich phytosterols, which promote cell renewal and soften the epidermis and certainly gained from the fact that shea butter is an ideal moisturising and anti-wrinkle cream.

You can add other ingredients to emphasis its advantages too, such as rose or cloves. The recipe below comes all the way from Queen Nefertiti’s home in Egypt. Shea Butter Ball Recipe


  • 50grams of shea butter,
  • 30grams of palm oil,
  • 3 drops of amber oil,
  • 3 cloves,
  • 2 very fragrant rosebuds.

Preparation: Mix the shea, amber, cloves and rosebuds until a smooth paste is obtained. Form small balls with this paste and let them dry for a few days, if possible in the sun.

Application: Apply the balls in circular movements with the fingertips allowing the mixture to penetrate all over the face and body.
This cream is an ideal moisturiser for all skin types and excellent way of experiencing the versatility of a Shea Butter mixture in your own home. Enjoy!