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Face - choose natural skin care

It can be a jungle to browse skin care products. This applies especially to facial creams. It is not surprising.

Each person who visited a beauty shop, whether it be digital or physical, knows what gigantic range of face creams there are. The question becomes, of course: how do you determine?

Firstly, you may want to know what type of face creams you should exclude. My suggestion is to opt out of face creams with ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. Choosing the right moisturiser is thus largely a matter of being well informed. You need to read the ingredient list and understand what the different ingredients stand for.

The latter is however not always easy. Today, there are more synthetic substances and strange substances in our skin care than we can count. And the cosmetics industry is creative: it will constantly introduce new substances, new combinations of chemicals and synthetic compounds.

So what should you do? Obviously, avoid widely damaging agents such as urea, parabens, liquid paraffin, petrolatum, paraffin wax and mineral oil. But as I said, this list can be made immeasurably longer. Another way, which is easier, is to actively choosing natural or organic skincare. If you choose natural skincare that is certified, you can be sure that you avoid these lousy ingredients and instead give your skin nourishment it really need.