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Our Brand Values

Established in 2012, MamaSia was created out of the need to share ancient African beauty and wellbeing ingredients with a wider audience. We emphasize on the raw elements of Shea Butter, Coco Butter, Moringa, Baobab and more as well as various exotic oils. We raise awareness on why natural resources are beneficial for one’s general wellbeing, as well as highlighting how the environmental benefits and the social impact on the community that MamaSia serves.

Knowing The Source: We take pride in the fact that our close knit family connections enable you direct access to the source, through the produce. The products will take you on a journey from their incubation in the soil, preparation and packaging, by us for you

Community Integrity:  The MamaSia traditions are the cornerstone of the brand, with community affairs being at the heart of it. Naturally we pride ourselves on being able to continue to be a part of community, from business to personal and social needs.

Respecting the inner self: We believe empowerment is an internal force, that comes from deep within the individual and exudes externally. Our aim is to uplift and help others express all aspects of their beauty, which is a basic human right.

Being balanced with Nature: We aim to uphold the true laws intended by nature that has been passed down to us through various traditions. We encourage others to be at one with nature and we acknowledge that every living being has a basic need to be able to express them self freely and positively.