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The ancestral home of Mama Sia


Our Co-founder Maame has been away in Larabanga, the ancestral home of MamaSia and after a year of being away, it was a memorable reunion. We can’t wait to share all her encounters with you.

Here is Maame’s account of her time away:

“It was such a beautiful feeling seeing the community come together because I was in town, they greeted me with love and we laughed and sang as I met with all family members.

Returning to Larabanga was very emotional; however it was straight to work as usual!

After doing all the formalities, which included playing with the children, greeting the elders and of course eating Tuo-Zaafi ! (The national dish eaten in the Northern part of Ghana), we had time to show you exactly how shea Butter is made from scratch the traditional way and yes the process is all done by hand.

Our ancestors were indeed smart people and to actually have the knowledge to produce butter from a fruit continues to make me marvel.

We would like you all to have sneak peek and take a glimpse of this process, which will answer your questions about how the Shea Butter is made, and the other uses of Shea.

Our Shea Butter is definitely made with love, our family want you to be a part of the process, and Larabanga is a beautiful town with so much hidden history, beautiful architecture such as the ancient Larabanga mosque, and the beautiful landscape that makes our land so desirable for tourists.

 My community doesn’t have much, but we are always willing to share our ancient knowledge about health and wellbeing and the importance of communal living, family values and the environment.

 Collectively we are all fascinated that Shea butter in particular has now become a standard beauty product in many western homes, which inspires and motivates us to continue to give you more”.

With that said, we hope you enjoy learning about Shea butter. Over the coming weeks we will continue to share highlights from Maame’s trip to Ghana and keep you updated with more beauty and wellbeing tips inspired by Africa and more!