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Moringa Oleifera Seeds


Feeling slugglish? Well look no further get you energy fix right here. Our high grade Stenapotela Moringa seeds are a bitter sweet alternative to caffeine that will keep you on a natural high.

Our Moringa is grown on our family farm in Senegal and Ghana its luscious leaves, seeds and oil have been a source of nourishment for those that encounter its beneficial benefits. Moringa is considered one of nature's most nutritional plants on the planet; with over 80 nutrients and 40 antioxidants this natural source of substance illustrates its master healing qualities in its self, so it's no surprise that Moringa and Shea butter share the same moniker "The tree of Life".
We all know that Vitamin C is high in oranges however a regular intake of Moringa has twice as more vitamin C than your average orange .Plus it contains more calcium than milk , more potassium than those banana's more Vitamin A than the likes of carrots and of cause twice the amount of protein your eggs and milk.
We supply from 500 pieces(130g) of Moringa seeds. For bulk quantity seeds please fill out the simple form below and we will contact you with information and pricing on wholesale and bulk orders.
100% pure and naturally organic covered in a brown-black case when cracked its centre reveals a whitish- grey roundish seed in appearance, with a soft- velvety feel. Moringa's acquired taste can be described as citrusy sweet and gives a very stimulating after taste when washed down after being chewed raw with water.
Moringa seeds are highly nutritious. These odourless seeds are wonderful for any herpetologist or novice.
Directions for Use:
1-2 chewed raw, Moringa seeds should benefit anyone that wants an extra boost to a sluggish system or for general wellbeing.
Benefits and Uses
• Can be added to meals boiled or planted and grown for your own horticultural purposes.
• Great for boosting energy
• Building and restoring the immune system
• Treating PMS symptoms
• High blood pressure
• Constipation
• Body cleanser
• Beautifies the skin's surface
• Cancer and other immune deficiency related illness
*Please be aware that excess consumption of Moringa in any form could cause a detox effect on the system, especially for first time users.
* Moringa should not replace your current medication if you are having serious medical concerns, seek medical advice


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