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Baobab Powder


This sherbet textured powder will give you a zing in the sweetest way. Our Baobab powder is a great alternative to sugar and packed with fibre, add to your unsweetened treats to give you that sugar rush in a healthy manner.

Baobab is the only fruit known on the planet that dries its own fruit into a powder.
This wonderful creamy powder is low in sugar and fat but high in fibre making it an excellent aid for digestion.
Many use Baobab as a replacement for sugar and it's an ideal component for deserts, breakfast or in water.
It is naturally high in antioxidants making it and excellent anti-aging tool.
Benefits of Baobab
Energy booster: High in vitamin C this natural resource helps generate energy throughout the whole body system
Protects your immune system: Vitamin C helps and protects your immunity.
Healthy Digestive system protector: Baobab contains potassium and helps the digestive tract.
Multi vitamins: Baobab contains iron, magnesium and vitamin B6 and calcium.....naturally!
Oh and did we forget to mention how delicious it tastes too?

Directions for use 1-2 teaspoons to water/juice or can be sprinkled onto cereal or porridge



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