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Shea Amethyst

Our lavender and Shea butter is one of nature’s national treasures and for good reason the multi-faceted combination of lavender and Shea makes an ideal component for anyone’s beauty cabinet or first aid kit. Ideal for one wanting to relax or to show off glowing skin and hair this body and hair butter will always remind you of tranquility for the mind as well as the body.

Our Shea Amethyst is a combination of lavender essential oil and shea butter making it an ideal component for anyone’s beauty cabinet or first aid kit. Perfect for anyone wanting to relax or show off glowing skin and hair, this body and hair butter will leave you feeling calm as well as hydrated.

Shea has following benefits:

For skin:

  • Rich in Vitamin A – for skin regeneration and moisture sealing
  • Rich in Vitamin E – Known as the “beauty vitamin”, it’s antioxidant properties fights off free radicals
  • Rich in Vitamin F – Fatty Acids which helps to alleviate skin conditions such as rashes, eczema and dermatitis
  • Rich in Vitamin K – Renews damaged skin cell and gives a natural glow to skin
  • Highly moisturising excellent for dry skin
  • Reduces wrinkles and boost collagen production
  • Helps to reduce stretch marks and cellulite by improving skin elasticity
  • Evens out skin tone, scars and blemishes
  • Protects the skin in all weather conditions
  • Has healing properties for wounds and cracks in the skin
  • Excellent for nappy rash

For Hair:

  • Seals in moisture
  • Anti dandruff
  • Protects from harsh weather conditions
  • Excellent as a leave in conditioner

Lavender (Lavandula) essential oils benefits:

For skin:

  • Helps to alleviate eczema
  • Good for dull, overstressed skin
  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Heals wounds, cuts, scrapes and insect bites
  • Soothes burns and sunburned skin
  • Anti inflammatory properties

For Hair:

  • Controls hair loss
  • Treats alopecia
  • Anti-dandruff
  • Excellent as a conditioner
  • Treats head lice

Available in 120g

Additional information

Weight120 g
Dimensions20 × 30 × 70 cm


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