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Moringa Oil

Super food for the skin and hair!
For combination skin, this oil gives your skin life literally! Rich in vitamin E it revitalises dull stressed skin and promotes renewed skin cells. And for your hair the growth properties are phenomenal

Our Moringa is grown on our family farm in Senegal and Ghana its luscious leaves, seeds and oil have been a source of nourishment for those that encounter its beneficial benefits. Moringa is considered one of nature’s most nutritional plants on the planet; with over 80 nutrients and 40 antioxidants this natural source of substance illustrates its master healing qualities in its self, so it’s no surprise that Moringa and Shea butter share the same moniker “The tree of Life”.

We all know that Vitamin C is high in oranges however a regular intake of Moringa has twice as more vitamin C than your average orange.Plus it contains more calcium than milk, more potassium than banana’s more Vitamin A than the likes of carrots and of cause twice the amount of protein in your eggs and milk.

Features, uses and Benefits:
100% pure and naturally organic our Moringa oil is cold-pressed a light non-greasy oil. This can be easily absorbed through the skin.
High in Vitamins A, D, E and F your skin will be left wanting more of this sought after oil. Ideal as an ingredient in soaps, creams, and lotions and other hair and skincare aids or even more wonderfully poured directly onto the skins surface for a massage or just as oil for the hair and skin.


Additional information

Weight30 g
Dimensions20 × 30 × 70 cm


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